Apple Jabs Verizon with New iPhone Ads

Apple rolled out two new commercials Monday evening that show off iPhone features and at the same time kick Verizon's network in the pants. Both ads take a jab at limitations in Verizon's cell services by showing an iPhone accessing information from the Internet wirelessly while making a phone call.

The commercials highlight the fact that it's possible to use voice and wireless data services at the same time on an iPhone on AT&T's network, but other carriers don't support simultaneous use -- without specifically mentioning Verizon.

Apple's Multi-people iPhone ad.

Verizon recently launched an ad campaign that claims AT&T offers inferior 3G wireless coverage. AT&T responded with a lawsuit unsuccessfully asking the court to block Verizon's commercials, and then launched its own mediocre commercial attempting to show that its services are better.

In comparison, Apple's Multi-people and Where's the movie commercials show the Mac and iPhone maker can craft ads that show off its products and hit the competition all with a positive spin -- and that AT&T needs to study Apple to learn how to do the same.

Multi-people and Where's the movie are available for viewing in QuickTime format at the Apple Web site.