Apple Job Posting Hints at 3D Maps in iOS

Apple 3D MapsImage via Shutterstock.

Apple is seeking iOS job candidates with with backgrounds in 3D technologies and techniques, which suggests that the company is developing 3D implementations for future versions of its mobile operating system, as noted by 9to5Mac. The exact language of the job description makes it likely that the 3D technology will be applied to maps and other location-based applications. 

The corporate job opening seeks a candidate for a “Computer Vision specialist to strengthen its multi-view stereo research group,” and requires a “Ph.D. degree in a Computer Vision related field such as Mathematics, Physics or Computer Science.”

Of note is the requirement that the candidate be familiar with SLAM, which is “simultaneous location and mapping,” although it is also possible that 3D work is going into advanced iOS cameras and displays. As noted by Electronista, current and previous job openings have also mentioned 3D imaging and may hint at a future Kinect-like motion interface for iOS devices or the rumored Apple television.

However, the early rumor suggesting that Apple will dump Google for OpenStreetMap in the next version of iOS, coupled with Apple’s acquisition of 3D mapping company C3 Technologies late last year, presents a strong argument that the job posting in question is related to future 3D mapping on iOS.