Apple Job Postings Point to Second Utah Apple Store

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Apple is opening a second Apple Store retail location in Utah, if the company’s job site is any indication. Apple is now looking for Geniuses, inventory specialists, members of the Apple Store Leader Program, managers, and other positions for a store in the Fashion Place Mall in Murray, Utah (several miles south of Salt Lake City), a store that doesn’t yet exist.

The Salt Lake City Tribune noticed the job openings, and reporter Vince Horiuchi quipped that, “iPhone and iPad fans who have waited countless hours at Salt Lake City’s Gateway Apple Store to buy the latest must-have gadget may finally have the choice of waiting in a different line for Apple’s next product.”

Despite the job postings, Apple won’t actually confirm that a store is coming, and representatives of Fashion Mall Place also declined to confirm the story, you know, because it’s a secret.

Apple Retail Job Search Results

Searching on Apple’s retail job site for several positions (as listed above) in Utah returns these results.

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Finally!  What a terrIble experience it’s been shopping or waiting for service at the small current Utah store.


You say “fans may finally have the choice of waiting in a different line for Apple?s next product”. That’s a little of a mistatement. There’s several other stores in Utah that, although they aren’t official Apple stores, deal almost exclusively with Apple products.


Not sure what store you’re talking about Clayton, but I’ve been to the Simply Mac store in Orem a couple of times during my travels and have been very impressed.  I asked an employee a couple of years ago if they had any fears of Apple moving their stores into the area and driving them out and he very confidently mentioned that Apple had been very fair and even supportive of the regional chain’s efforts.  I hope that relationship still exists today.

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