Apple Kicks Off 10 Billion App Store Downloads Promotion

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Apple launched a new promotion on Friday counting down to the 10 billion download mark at the App Store. The customer that downloads the 10 billionth app will win a US$10,000 iTunes Store gift card.

The App Store is closing in on 10 billion downloads

“As of today, nearly 10 billion apps have been downloaded from the App Store worldwide. Which is almost as amazing as the apps themselves. So we want to say thanks,” Apple said on the promotional Web site. “Download the 10 billionth app, and you could win a US $10,000 iTunes Gift Card. Just visit the App Store, and download what could be your best app yet.”

Up to 25 downloads per day will be counted for each customer, so be sure to pace yourself. If downloading apps isn’t your thing, you can still participate by completing a contest entry form, also available at the Billion App Web site.

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$10,000? Too bad the iTunes store doesn’t sell Macs.

Lee Dronick

$10,000? Too bad the iTunes store doesn?t sell Macs.

I’ll tell you what we can do. I will create an app and price it at $9,999 You buy the app then I will give you 80% of the 70% I get from Apple. You take your share an buy a nice Mac office like the one Prince Khaled has. smile

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