Apple Lands $89M Tax Break for Reno Data Center

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The Reno, Nevada, city council unanimously approved a tax incentive deal to bring two new data centers from Apple into the area Wednesday evening. The deal would give Apple a US$89 million abatement in city, county and state taxes in exchange for a ten-year $1 billion investment in two data centers.

Reno gambles on Apple with data center tax incentivesReno gambles on Apple with data center tax incentives

Apple’s proposed data center will cover 350 acres, according to the Reno Gazette-Journal, for cloud-based services. The center will eventually include 41 fulltime employees, 200 long-term contract employees, and will create 580 construction jobs.

The data center is expected to bring in some $343 million in economic activity over the next ten years.

Apple could start construction on the facility as early as August, assuming the project approval process goes as planned. The company hasn’t said if it plans to call the location “The biggest little data center in the world.”



Good news/bad news sort of thing.
I’m glad this is going to Reno. It’s a nice little town that could use the boost.
OTOH now my mother will want me to move there. “Oh you can work in their new factory and live right here near me. It’s even Apple and I know how much you like them.”
Um let’s see, Vancouver Island or Nevada.
Sorry mom.

Interesting that the tech companies seem to be moving facilities out of California into adjacent states.


Interesting that the tech companies seem to be moving facilities over the California state line into adjacent states.

It’s interesting and logical. California has been pushing liberal regulatory and tax policies for decades to deter businesses from operating in their state. The cost of doing business in California is extremely high and the process is very complicated.

What’s more interesting is liberals don’t like the business climate they’ve voted for. They deny and blame everything but themselves for it. Worse yet, their denial is evident because they move to more conservative neighboring states to do business and live, but vote for the same liberal policies again in their new homes. Idiots.

California is not a sticky state for business, and will not become one until they begin to be honest about the root-cause of their problems.

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