Apple Launches “If You Don’t Have an iPhone” Ads

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Apple introduced a new series of iPhone 4 commercials Wednesday night highlighting features that aren’t available on other smartphones. The set of three ads focus on the App Store, iBooks, and iPod and iTunes, and send the message that using any other smartphone will be an inferior experience.

iPhone 4 App Store adApple’s iPhone 4 Apps ad

The implication in each commercial is that settling for a smartphone that feels “good enough” will leave users disappointed because they’re missing out on iPhone-only features. Without ever mentioning any other smartphone platforms by name, the ads look to be targeting consumers considering Android-based phones.

All three of the new commercials, Apps, iBooks, and iPod plus iTunes, are available in QuickTime format at Apple’s iPhone Web site.

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Simple and direct - drives the point home IMHO




I don’t have an iPhone because I can’t get one without a mandatory dataplan. When they sell one with an optional dataplan, I’ll be first in line (unless it’s on Verizon in which case, forget it again; I never want to give that scam of a company another penny of my business). That huge monthly expense is not worth it to me.


Hear, hear! Me, I refuse to buy a light bulb until I can use it without paying for a mandatory electric service plan. raspberry

This is a tired old argument. Seriously, which smartphone has an optional dataplan? And whats the point if it has no data? Will you really go a whole month without using data these days?

P.S. $15/mo is ‘huge’?


I don?t have an iPhone because I can?t get one without a mandatory dataplan. When they sell one with an optional dataplan, I?ll be first in line

Head to that line, Flip! They’ve been waiting for you since the 3G (and maybe before?). Apple will gladly accept the cash that you’ve just promised them.

  * iPhone 4 16GB without contract: $599
  * iPhone 4 32GB without contract: $699

At which store will you buy your contract-free iPhone?


@cbsofla: Contract and dataplan are two different things. Non-smart phones don’t have dataplans but do have contracts What’s your point.

@VaughnSC: I have complete WiFi coverage at work and at home and am only in my car traveling between the two. Data over the cell network for me is useless and a waste of money. When I travel, my wife’s iPhone covers that need and that is free through work. $15 on top of the $40 for the plan is not worth it to me. But it would be nice to not have to carry two devices around (phone and iPod Touch). In my perfect phone world that’s what I’d like. YMMV.

Shock Me

The things are pretty useless WITHOUT a data plan. I’d prefer to have one without a voice plan and then treat voice as just another form of low-latency data like audio or video streaming.


The new commercial seems too cocky and will turn off folks that have any existing apprehension about Apple.


Soft sell/hard sell; damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

I’ll second their judgment on this one. Time to go for the jugular.


Non-smart phones don?t have dataplans but do have contracts What?s your point.

FlipFriddle, (ahem) evidently my point is that I don’t understand the difference, and I shouldn’t be hitting the tequila while at the office. :D

(Edited in for today: Make that Bailey’s Irish Cream.)


Time to go for the jugular.

Ahh, enough of these sensible, objective, matter-of-fact ads that realistically tout everyday useful features available only with Apple products. I want John Hodgman back.

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