Apple Launches iPad Donations for Education Program

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Apple launched a new program with Teach for America on Tuesday where iPad 2 buyers can donate their original iPad for use in low income school districts.

iPad donations for educationDonate your old iPad for schools at Apple Stores

Teach for America is a non-profit organization working to improve educational opportunities for students in low income areas around the United States.

People interested in donating their used iPads to the organization can visit their local Apple retail store.

[Thanks to MacNN for the heads up.]

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Who but the stupid rich donate a one year old tablet?

Pro-tip, your money would have been better spent on food for the poor.


If one earns above minimum wage, it is easier and makes $ense to donate than to try to sell your old ipad.


David, do you often live by the penny-wise; dollar-stupid philosophy?

Did you save every penny you made for a year to buy the first iPad, and then scraped together just enough money to buy the second gen version only to be left with two iPads and no money?


It is nice that Apple is starting that program but I will not donate my $800 Ipad that I purchased less than a year ago. I rather sell it and donate part of the earnings. Why Apple dont donate some of the Ipads they have laying around in one of their warhouses somewhere? They are the ones making the big bucks.


Wow, amazing how some can turn a new charity program into a negative.  Some really pathetic people out there.

1. The program is available if you want to use it.  If you don’t want to use it, then don’t use it.  But don’t criticize it for existing.
2. Worry about your own spending habits and don’t criticize others for their spending habits.
3. I am sure Apple donates plenty of money and/or products to charity.

Lee Dronick

@David. I think your point is that if you donate the iPad you can probably get more through a tax deduction than you would get in cash if you sell it. Not to mention that technically you would have to report the cash from the sale as income. Is that correct?


Wow, amazing how some can turn a new charity program into a negative.

Great statement. This is an opportunity for some; for the rest, just ignore. Kudos to Apple for the program.


Wow, amazing how some can turn a new charity program into a negative.

Agreed. Apple is facilitating the transfer of iPads to teachers. That’s a good thing. It’s all upside. There’s not downside.

Damn the darkness, not the light. Condemn those who do nothing, not those who are doing something.

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