Apple Launches "iPod touch - Games + Apps" Web Page

Apple has launched a new Web page dedicated to iPod touch games and apps. Fittingly, it's called iPod touch - Games + Apps. The page features a score and a half of games that run on both iPod touch and iPhone - in fact, everything on the page works on both devices, not just the iPhone touch - as well as another score or so of other apps.

In addition to the individual apps listed, the page also offers information on the new Genius Recommendations for apps.

The page is, to a certain degree, a continuation of the iPod touch presentation made by Phil Schiller at Wednesday's media event. In that presentation, Mr. Schiller made the case for the iPod touch as a gaming platform, complete with presentations from four developers showing off iPhone games that also work on the iPod touch.

iPod touch - Games + Apps
A screenshot from Apple's new iPod touch - Games + Apps page.