Apple Launches “MacBook Repair Extension Program for Hard Drive Issues”

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Apple has launched a repair program called "MacBook Repair Extension Program for Hard Drive Issues." As the name suggests, it is intended to deal with a batch of MacBooks that have had a specific hard drive issue. Under the program, Apple will replace the hard drive for free on affected systems.

"Apple has determined that a very small percentage of hard drives that were used in MacBook systems, sold between approximately May 2006 and December 2007, may fail under certain conditions," the company said on its Web site.

Apple has stipulated that only MacBooks that get the flashing question mark emblem when they try to boot up need be concerned about the problem. If your MacBook falls under the date range listed above ad you get the flashing question mark, you are asked to bring your MacBook to either an Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

If your MacBook falls under the above date range but you do not get the flashing question mark (i.e. it boots up just fine), Apple said you do not have to take in your MacBook.

Apple is also offering to reimburse customers that already paid for an out-of-warranty repair for this problem, noting, "Apple will contact affected customers (where contact information is available) with details on the reimbursement process. If you believe that you paid for a repair covered by this program and you have not been contacted, you may contact Apple Technical Support."

You can get more information at the repair extension Web site, which also has information on how to identify the date of your system.



Backups. Backups. Backups.


This morning I sifted through a junk drawer and found the 80GB MacBook drive that failed on me, just out of warranty, in October of 2008. Wrote my serial down on a post-it note. Brought both to the Apple Store during lunch, and walked out with a new 160GB drive. Cash would have been nice, since I did replace the drive myself, but I’m still pleasantly surprised.


I have an even better story. I went through the customer support on, and scheduled a call for this morning to talk to them. When my hard drive failed in September 2008, I bought a hard drive from New Egg (because I was so upset that my hard drive failed after 13 months and I didn’t have Apple Care, that I didn’t want to give apple any more of my money).

I spoke to them this morning, and eventually got a supervisor on the phone. She wasn’t able to give me a cash refund, however she immediately told me to select items from the apple store (certain conditions applied) up to the price of my hard drive replacement, and she would ship them to me for free. I would have preferred a credit I could have used on an iPad, but this was still great.

AWESOME customer service.


Lucky you!
I called and made an appointment regarding my failed drive from 2 years ago and went to the Apple Store in Roseville Minnesota. There I was told I needed to put the old HD back in my computer, leave it there and come back in a couple days to get my hard drive, they were going to install it , they refuse to give me a new hard drive if it was outside the macbook.. I am on hold with Technical Support now…

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