Apple Launches MobileMe Mail Beta with Server-side Rules

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Apple kicked off an invitation-only beta for a new version of its MobileMe email service late on Wednesday. The beta includes several new features for MobileMe users such as the ability to sort mail with server-based rules, a redesigned interface, and SSL security.

The server-based rules feature will let users auto-sort email messages before they download. The redesigned Web interface includes widescreen and compact views, and also sports a message formatting toolbar and a built-in URL shortener.

MobileMe Mail beta

Apple claims the MobileMe email beta will load messages faster, too, and won’t require extra mouse clicks to to see additional messages.

The beta is open to English-language MobileMe users. To request an invitation, users need to click the beta invitation link at the bottom left of the MobileMe Web mail interface.

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Yay! I hope this is the first in a series of mobileme updates. It seems to have been on their back burner for a while.


I am slowly moving away from MM, and even this won’t get me to stay. Once you’ve tasted DropBox, it becomes apparent that MM is broken. There are still a few reasons to stick with it, like Find my iPhone, but it’s still not generally worth the money. I doubt I’ll be renewing come January…

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