Apple Lawsuit Alleges Power Adapter Patent Infringement

Apple is suing a company called Media Solutions Holdings, alleging the company is infringing on Apple patents in making its own line of power adapters that work with Apple laptops. According to an InformationWeek report, the lawsuit said, "Through various Web sites and otherwise, the Defendants market these knock-off power adapters for use with Apple portable computers, such as the MacBook."

The suit specifically mentions three sites,,, and as places where Media Solutions Holdings markets, "various consumer electronic accessories at retail, including knock-off power adapters for use with genuine Apple portable computers."

While that may not sound like Media Solutions Holdings is doing anything wrong, Apple's lawsuit argues that the company's power adapters are knockoffs that directly violate an Apple patent that is fittingly called "Power Adapter."

For instance, offers the "Apple MacBook Pro Adapter (100% OEM Compatible)", as seen in the screenshot from the company's site below.

Knockoff Adapter
Apple-compatible power adapter, as offered on

Apple's patent includes design images of its adapter, as noted in the image below.

Power Adapter Patent Pic
Image from Apple's Power Adapter patent

Apple doesn't specify damages in its suit, but the company is seeking an injunction against Media Solutions Holdings preventing the company from selling the adapters.