Apple Leaks Nehalem Xserve Info

Apple inadvertently showed off what looks to be the next version its Xserve sporting Intel's Nehalem processor. The Hong Kong version of the company's Web site showed the rack-mount server as available for pre-order, but didn't lead to a page where customers could actually buy the new Xserve.

The Xserve page has since been reset to show the current Xserve model with an estimated ship time of five to seven days.

Apple has already introduced Nehalem-based Mac Pro models that use Intel's newest chips. The Nehalem moniker identifies quad core chips from the Xeon 5500 and 3500 series. The new processors offer better overall performance, lower power consumption in relation to speed, and faster memory access.

Apple isn't saying when it plans to release an updated Xserve, but this leak could mean that new models are coming soon.

[Thanks to Macworld for the heads up.]