Apple Lining Up iPad 2 Parts, Suppliers

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Apple is apparently in the process of testing and selecting components for the second generation iPad, including reinforced touch panel glass, according to DigitTimes.

TPK Touch Solutions, Wintek, Cando and Chimei Innolux are reported to be testing ultra-thin reinforced glass touch panels for Apple and are expected to start shipping components to Apple early in 2011.

Like the current iPad, the next generation model will apparently stick with a 9.7-inch screen size. Rumors claim the new model will include a front-facing camera, too, along with support for Apple’s FaceTime video chat feature in iOS 4.

Parts suppliers are expecting Apple will ship the second generation iPad during the first quarter of 2011.


Jeff Gamet

Q1 2011 seems reasonable for the second gen iPad launch, and sticking with the 9.7-inch screen size makes sense, too. I’m still not buying into the notion that Apple is working on a 7-inch iPad, although adding a FaceTime-compatible camera to the next model sure sounds like a no brainer to me.

Constable Odo

What gets me is that these so-called analysts think there’s going to be a slew of iPad competitors coming late this year or early next year.  What they don’t seem to realize is that component quantities for all these myriad companies are going to be severely strained.  Apple has likely set up strategic alliances for an uninterrupted flow of parts for the high product quantities they’ll need.  The rest of the tablet vendors will likely have to fight over parts from some limited pool of components.

I doubt if any iPad rival tablet can be produced in the millions.  I wouldn’t even think most companies would outlay that much money in advance because if their product flops, they’ll be up the creek in debt.  I seriously doubt that there’s going to be a FLOOD of iPad rivals waiting steal market share from the iPad.  What really puzzles me is the high cost of the Samsung Galaxy since it’s using a 7” display and yet all these other tablet vendors are going undercut the iPad in cost.  It would almost seem impossible to do that and make any decent profit with low production runs.  I believe the great iPad War will end quickly with major casualties for the other side.

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