Apple Looking for Engineer to Develop “Revolutionary” Feature for Mac OS X

Apple is promising that Mac OS X 10.7 will contain a new feature the company calls “revolutionary” in a job posting on the Apple Web site. According to the posting, this unspecified feature, “has never been done before and will truly amaze everyone,” and the company used the word “revolutionary” to describe the feature three times.

The posting begins, “Are you looking to help create something totally new? Something that has never been done before and will truly amaze everyone? Are you excited by the prospect that what you helped create would be used every day by millions of Apple customers? Then come and work on with the Mac OS X software engineering team to help build a new and revolutionary feature for Mac OS X.”

There are no details being offered on just what this new feature will be, but Apple said that it will be “part of the very foundations of Mac OS X.” The listing also said that an “exceptional candidate” will have extensive experience with the HTTP protocol, which strongly suggests that the new feature will involve the Web, or perhaps even Apple’s ever-expanding Cloud Computing projects.

Adding to that, the company also noted that exceptional candidates, “will have participated in or lead the architecture of large web scale systems.”

Additional Desired Skills and Experience:

  • Mac OS X platform development experience
  • Knowledge of Objective-C
  • UNIX development experience
  • BS in Computer Science or equivalent; 5+ years experience

Apple has not officially announced Mac OS X 10.7, and there was no mention of the next generation Mac OS X during June’s World Wide Developer Conference. It would appear, however, that rumors of the OS’s death have been slightly premature, that is if the prospect of introducing a “revolutionary” feature that “will be used every day by millions of Apple customers” means anything.

If you apply for the position, good luck, and don’t forget to tell us what you’re working on.

Thanks to AppleInsider for the heads up on the job posting.