Apple Looks for Marketing Manager for iBookstore

Apple is looking for a marketing manager for its iBookstore. In a new job posting on the Apple’s Web site, the company said it is looking for a marketing manager who can both build awareness and sales as well as build relationships with publishers.

iBooks and the iBookstore is Apple’s platform for ebooks on the iPhone and iPad. Users can purchase said ebooks through the iBooks app, which they have to download from the App Store

The key theme of Apple’s job posting is that the company wants to build awareness of the service. The ad employs the phrase “to drive awareness and sales” twice, in addition to the phrase “build the iBooks business.” Such verbiage suggests that Apple is currently unsatisfied with sales volume at its iBookstore, as noted by CNet, which first spotted the ad.

Key traits looked for by Apple:

  • Integrate iBookstore into all facets of marketing campaigns for key book releases (web, social networking, print, on-air, events, promotions, PR, grass roots, etc.).
  • Identify new iBookstore marketing opportunities and develop new programs to drive awareness and sales
  • Track progress of all campaigns and marketing initiatives and communicate results to cross-functional teams
  • Work with iTunes Movies, TV, Apps, and Music Marketing teams to drive cross-merchandising opportunities
  • Recommend action, schedule and plan projects, estimate cost, and manage projects to completion.
  • Communicate and champion iBookstore objectives and priorities as they relate to larger Apple marketing initiatives (PR, retail, Marcom, iTunes Music Marketing, iTunes Online Marketing, etc.)

Apple added, “The role requires an entrepreneurial self-starter with the creativity and enthusiasm to deliver innovative, impactful, and cost-effective programs to help build the iBooks business in the US. This skill set must be combined with the business acumen to drive partner marketing negotiations with publishers and media partners.”

The position will be based in Santa Clara County, where Apple’s Cupertino headquarters are located.