Apple Loses Top Corporate Lawyer

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Charles Charnas, Apple's lead corporate lawyer, left the company in early January. His departure was marked by a short email to Apple's law firms simply stating that January 4th was his last day on the job, according to

Mr. Charnas came to Apple in April 2008 from HP as the new boss in the corporate department. He joined Apple after the company went through the legal headaches associated with its stock options backdating incident and was part of the team tasked with rebuilding Apple's corporate legal department.

Mr. Charnas's boss, Daniel Cooperman, left the company last year and was replaced by D. Bruce Sewell in September 2009.

There's no word on why Mr. Charnas left Apple, or what he plans to do next.

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Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Charles Charnas, known internally at Apple as “char *” (char star), was simply terminated with 0 reasons and released. Reached for comment while driving his Mercedes Benz, Steve Jobs said that he couldn’t compare Mr. Charnas to any other lawyer at Apple without crashing. Charnas was later spotted at the gym working on his ASCII and at the dentist treating a double byte.

Ashley Grayson


Best programmer-nerd joke run of the day. <g>

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