Apple Mail: Adding Links to Text

When I write these tips, sometimes what I choose to write about isn’t a feature that I personally use very often. I try to pick stuff based on how handy I think the information will be to you guys. This tip, though, is at the perfect center of a Venn diagram of “things I use” versus “things I think are useful to others.” What we’ll discuss here is adding nicely formatted links to messages in Apple Mail—because I think we all have to face the fact that this doesn’t look good:

So here’s how you pretty things up. When you’re composing your message in Mail, select the text you want to add the link to and hit Command-K (or choose Edit > Add Link). A box will appear for you to paste your URL into.

And voilà—your e-mail will look much nicer and more professional than it did before.

Of course, how your recipient receives links formatted in this manner will depend on his or her e-mail program to some extent, but almost all folks should be able to see things just fine.