Apple MarComm VP Allison Johnson to Leave the Company

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Allison Johnson, Apple’s vice-president of worldwide marketing communications for the past six years, will soon leave to start a new marcomm firm with former Facebook PR executive Brandee Barker, according to All Things Digital’s Digital Daily.

John Paczkowski’s sources say that Ms. Johnson’s departure from Apple will happen sometime this spring, but further details are scant. Mr. Paczkowski noted that she managed PR at Hewlett-Packard before she came to Apple, where she handled global advertising for the popular ads created by TBWA\Chiat\Day and reported directly to CEO Steve Jobs.

“No comment” was the response from both Ms. Barker and Apple PR.

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Lee Dronick

?No comment? was the response from both Ms. Barker and Apple PR.

No comment from a marketer! It is has been my experience that they can’t keep quiet.

Brad Cook

My guess is no one wants to say anything until Allison officially leaves Apple. And even then, Apple PR probably won’t say anything, although I imagine Barker will be happy to talk then.

Lee Dronick

You are certainly correct Brad, there are probably NDA type of agreements until she leaves.

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