Apple May be Buying Chips for Verizon iPhone

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It seems the iPhone-coming-to-Verizon rumors just won’t die, and the latest claims Apple is buying up CDMA chips for an early 2011 magical rumor fulfillment.

The usual unnamed sources said Apple has placed an order for millions of Qualcomm’s CDMA chips, according to TechCrunch, which would be strong evidence that a Verizon iPhone was on the way if there was any tangible evidence to back up the claim.

Assuming Apple really is working on a version of its iPhone just for Verizon’s network, that would also be strong proof that AT&T’s exclusive carrier deal in the U.S. was coming to an end.

So far, AT&T has been the only carrier in the U.S. that can offer the iPhone, and the device has been instrumental in drawing new customers to the company.

Currently, the iPhone isn’t compatible with Verizon’s network because the combination iPod and smartphone uses GSM technology instead of CDMA. T-Mobile also uses GSM for its wireless networks, making it a possible iPhone partner, too.

Since there isn’t and actual proof that Apple is working on a special version of the iPhone just for Verizon, this rumor should be taken with the usual dose of salt.

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M. E. H.


I’d really love that the iphone become part of verizon. If not then i most likely will not be getting the iphone but the newest nad greatest thing from Verizon. Since thats the only carrier that works where i live.

Lee Dronick

Since thats the only carrier that works where i live.

Where do you live?


I am placing my money on T Mobile.

Ross Edwards

The CDMA chip buy is a bit illogical when both VZ and ATT are moving to LTE starting in Q4 of this year.

Why “port” the iPhone to a new format when an even newer format is going to fall into Apple’s lap?  Mohammed, mountains, and so forth.

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