Apple May be Prepping Sweden Retail Store

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Apple is apparently working on its first retail store in Stockholm, Sweden, according to (English translation). The Mac, iPhone and iPad maker has already opened over 320 stores around the world and has plans to open several more this year.

Apple may be headed to SwedenApple may be opening a store in Sweden

There isn’t any word yet on whether or not Apple plans to build a flagship-style store in the country, or if a mall-based store will mark the company’s first retail steps into the country.

Apple added some credibility to the Sweden store report thanks to a job listing for a payroll supervisor in the country. The listing doesn’t specifically mention retail jobs, but hiring a payroll supervisor could be a hint that the company needs to keep track of several employees — like at a retail store.

Apple hasn’t commented on its retail plans for Sweden.

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Lee Dronick

Will the store be like an IKEA, you have to walk through a maze as you shop smile

Great graphic Jeff


walk through a maze as you shop

Sir Harry

At least Apple wouldn’t have the arrows pointing the wrong way like Micro$oft would!

Apple:—->  —->  —->  —->  —->  —->

MS:—->  <—-^  —->  —->  <—-  —->

Lee Dronick

At least Apple wouldn?t have the arrows pointing the wrong way like Micro$oft would!

There would be several blue curtains across the aisle smile


several blue curtains


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