Apple May be Refunding MobileMe Renewals Ahead of WWDC

Reports are coming in that at least some MobileMe customers set to automatically renew their accounts around the World Wide Developers Conference window have had their payments refunded, hinting that Apple may have some changes in store for the service soon instead of later.

MobileMeMobileMe refunds ahead of WWDC

Some MobileMe users have reported that their annual US$99 payment was processed within the past few days, only to be refunded a short time later, according to The Unofficial Apple Weblog. In other cases, users are saying that their annual payment date was rescheduled for Monday, which alos happens to be the same day Apple is hosting its keynote event at WWDC 2011.

Apple uses the keynote event at its annual conference for developers and IT professionals to show off its plans for Mac OS X and iOS, and this year the company will be revealing its new iCloud service. iCloud is expected to supplement MobileMe — or even replace the service completely — and as such could include a new pricing plan.

iCloud is expected to include an online iTunes library storage feature, along with file syncing for computers and iOS devices.

Steve Jobs will be hosting the keynote presentation, which is set to start at 10AM pacific time today. TMO is on location offering live coverage of the event through our Web site and MacObserverLive Twitter feed.