Apple May Intro iTunes Social Networking at Media Event

| Rumor

Apple may be planning on introducing a Web-based version of its iTunes Store on September 1 that’s geared more towards social networking. Unnamed music industry sources claim Apple will use the service to let customers share lists of the songs they like with other iTunes users, according to AllThingsD.

The new service won’t, however, include cloud-based music streaming or the ability for your friends to stream your music over the Internet, either. Apparently, Apple hasn’t been working on landing licensing deals with record labels to let iTunes users store and stream their music libraries on cloud-based servers.

Apple has been inviting media to a special event on Wednesday, September 1st to be held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. Apple’s media invitations are lacking in detail as usual, but feature an acoustic guitar with the Apple logo for the hole, hinting that the event will be music-related.

Unnamed music industry executives are expecting Apple to unveil a new wireless music syncing feature as well that lets users transfer songs between their iPods without the need to connect to a computer running iTunes.

Apple typically holds a media event in September to introduce updates to its iPod line, and this year the rumor list also claims a new US$99 Apple TV rebranded iTV will be introduced, too.

Apple apparently hasn’t been sharing its plans with music industry people, so for now their expectations for the September 1 media event should be treated as simply rumors and speculation.



Shit, I’m starting to get really sick of social. With facebook now being able to check me into places without me permission and twitter coming to TVs. I dunno but I don’t think I need itunes to share to the world what music I’m listening to every time I fire it up.


I’m not a lawyer so I could be completely wrong about this, but…

Wouldn’t Lala have already had contracts with the labels to stream content?
Isn’t it possible (and even very likely) that those contracts are still in effect (contracts don’t normally get voided just because a company gets sold/bought).

If that’s the case, then Apple already has streaming rights… and they found a brilliant way to obtain them from the labels because they didn’t have to negotiate. Maybe buying Lala was less about obtaining their code and more about finding a backdoor way to get streaming for iTunes without having to deal with record label execs that may have played hardball because of Apple’s growing size and power.

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