Apple May Introduce New MacBook Pro Models Next Week

Amidst the excitement surrounding the iPad launch and iPhone OS 4.0 special media event, word has surfaced that Apple may be planning to introduce new MacBook Pro models in the next few days. Unnamed sources familiar with Apple’s plans claim the company will release the new MacBook Pro models on Tuesday, April 13, according to Macworld in Australia.

The unconfirmed reports say updates are in store for every MacBook Pro model, but the MacBook Air may have to wait a little longer before it receives any updates. The anonymous source, however, didn’t say what those updates might include.

If new MacBook Pro models are on the way for next week, they will likely include faster processors — possibly Intel’s new i5 or i7 chip — and some rumors have claimed Apple could include USB 3 and 3G wireless data support in the new models, too.

Apple hasn’t revealed any details about what features the next round of laptops will include, so for now reports of a product update are little more than rumor and speculation.