Apple May Offer iOS 5 Over the Air Updates

Apple is apparently working with cell carriers to offer over-the-air operating system updates for the iPhone and iPad, and Verizon may be the first partner to sign on. Currently, all iOS updates are pushed through iTunes and require users to connect their device to their computer.

iPhone with radio toweriOS 5 may offer OTA updates

Apple and Verizon have been discussing plans for an over-the-air update system earlier this year, according to 9 to 5 Mac, and is expected to roll out after iOS 5 is released. There isn’t any word yet on whether or not Apple is working on deals with other carriers including AT&T.

Offering wireless download options for OS updates would bring Apple in line with other companies that deliver smartphone software revisions without requiring a computer connection. Apple may, however, need to find ways to deliver the updates in smaller files since the company’s current iOS downloads top 650MB.

Assuming Apple does begin delivering iOS updates wirelessly, iPhone and iPad owners would be a step closer to cutting the physical cord with their Mac or Windows PC, and the iPad would be a little closer to truly functioning as a stand-alone computer.

Apple and Verizon haven’t offered any comments on the possibility of over-the-air iOS updates.