Apple May Scale Back 2011 iPhone Orders

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iPhone orders down. Well, maybe.A few days ago DigiTimes said Apple was ramping up its iPhone orders for the second half of the year, but now it’s saying the company is cutting back its fourth quarter parts shipments because of changes in the global economy.

Word of the apparent reversal in course for Apple comes from parts suppliers claiming the company, along with other smartphone makers, expect to see some impact from economic changes.

The previous report claimed Apple was ramping up its iPhone orders for the second half of the year from 50 million up to 56 million units. Nearly 26 million of those phones were expected to be new iPhone 5 units.

Apple hasn’t announced the iPhone 5 yet, but is generally expected to release the new combination iPod and smartphone some time in September or October.

Considering the quick reversal in orders numbers, both reports should be taken with at least one grain of salt.

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Lee Dronick

Apple would probably rather a bit more stock on hand than risk having buyers go to a competitor because there wasn’t enough iPhones available.


Um…. as this was all rumor to begin with, I don’t think we can make any solid conclusions about anything…. So I’m going with Steve Jobs read my comment on an earlier TMO posting pointing out that both Toshiba and Sharp make Android products that look similar in appearance to Apple products and he has gone ahead and severed all contracts with both suppliers and is in the process of canceling the billion dollar check he wrote to Sharp and will sue both companies for patent infringement in short order. Probably Saturday.

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