Apple Mini DisplayPort to Join Standard

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Apple's Mini DisplayPort video connector is set to become part of the DisplayPort 1.2 standard, making it easier for other companies to adopt the diminutive port for their own products.

The Mini DisplayPort is currently found only on Apple's laptop lineup and its new 24-inch LED Cinema Display. That could change, however, once other companies see the connector included in the full DisplayPort specification.

Apple introduced the Mini DisplayPort when it unveiled the new unibody-style MacBook and MacBook Pro last fall. At the time, Apple said that is would make details on the port design available to any company wanting to make compatible products and would not charge any licensing fees.

DisplayPort 1.2 is also slated to add support for stereoscopic displays.

[Thanks to Register Hardware for the heads up.]


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Adam Herrmann

I was really annoyed when apple released the new display port, because it just means that we will have to buy another adapter.


Article is incorrect, there are more products using DisplayPort than just two by Apple.


Oh wait, delete my comments. You’re talking about mini DisplayPort. Sorry.

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