Apple Named in $75B Civil Rights, Fraud Lawsuit

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Ah, the legal systemApple has been named as a defendant in a civil rights, conspiracy and fraud lawsuit along with a surprisingly long list of companies, individuals, U.S. Presidents, and Oprah Winfrey. The lawsuit was filed by David Louis Whitehead in U.S. District Court in the Western District of Arkansas and is seeking US$75 billion — yes, billion — in relief, and $5 billion in compensatory damages.

Apple, according to Mr. Whitehead’s filing, was involved in “outrageous and reckless and extreme acts against the plaintiff, with the massive theft of the plaintiff’s copyrighted works, grossing millions if not billions of dollars.”

Just exactly what those acts were isn’t clear, but Mr. Whitehead will no doubt shed light on the subject should he get his day in court.

Along with Apple, the long list of defendants includes the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Mike Meyers for allegedly stealing the concept behind “Austin Powers,” Mel Gibson, several movie studios, Black Entertainment Network, Disney, Bank of America and Wachovia Bank, Viacom and Comcast, Microsoft, some Universities, and more. U.S. Presidents George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama all made the list, too, for their alleged dogged attacks on Mr. Whitehead by appointing judges to intentionally impede his actions in court.

As if intentionally manipulating the legal system against him wasn’t enough, Mr. Whitehead claims the popular rapper P. Diddy stole the idea for his “I Am King” fragrance from his original play called “Erykah Badu in Paris With Momma Voodoo.”

Mr. Whitehead has a history of filing lawsuits, and even goes so far as to mention many of them in his current filing.

Apple hasn’t commented on the lawsuit, which is standard policy for the company.

[Thanks to AppleInsider for the heads up.]

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Someone’s dipstick is a little dry….

A few sandwiches short of a picnic.

A few teats short of an udder.

A few roos loose in their top paddock.

I could go on….


Stories like this leave me feeling soooo much better about my own, um, idiosyncracies.

Hey, Nemo, will you represent him? Looks like roughly some $25-30 billion in it (plus costs of copying) for you if you win.


I wonder if he’s doing this to point out how ridiculous our legal system is (really).


I wonder if he?s doing this to point out how ridiculous our legal system is (really).

Doubt it. Over the years I’ve run across a few people that keep filing these nuisance suits. They really think they have a case. They really think they are going to win. They really think they are doing something important for society. They are really wrong.
Wonder if he has legal council. The others I’ve heard about seem to usually represent themselves.


Gee, I think I better unload my Apple stock right away.


Proof there are other dimensions…he’s certainly not from ours.


Here in California we have the concept of “vexatious litigant” to deal with characterse such as these.  If someone is named a vexatious litigant, he or she must post a bond in order to even file a complaint.  This is usually enough to put a stop to this behavior.

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