Apple Nixes Compact Wired Keyboard

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Apple has quietly axed the compact wired keyboard from its line of Mac accessories. The compact wired keyboard is the version of the company’s aluminum keyboard without the numberpad, for those curious. We figure that may be a lot of you, because it stands to reason that Apple nixed it because no one bought it.

In the meanwhile, our friends at 9to5Mac noted that Amazon still has them in stock ($49.99). Both Amazon and Apple still feature the proper wired keyboard, with the numberpad.

Bye Bye Keyboardy
Bye bye keyboardy, we hardly knew ye…


Lee Dronick

Now give us a wireless keyboard that has a numberpad.


My initial reaction was “I hope they don’t drop the wired extended keyboard.” Then I thought again and realized that it’s been nearly a decade since I bought an Apple Keyboard. For that matter I haven’t used an Apple Mouse since the late ‘90s.


yeah, I agree with Mr. Flashman. Wireless with a keypad. Let’s go, I’ve been waiting years… it’s an obvious gap

Lee Dronick

I am thinking that most Mac users stay with the included keyboard and mouse.

The compact wireless keyboard also does not have the Home, End, Page up, and Page Down keys.


This is a slap in the face to consumers who have built their workspace and workflows around the need for a wired keyboard.

Ross Edwards

About bloody time.  Srsly, if you’re already going to concede wiredness (and I do), then it stands to reason that you want a full-function keyboard.  I love the wired keyboard with numeric keypad.  If I wanted to do the minimalist thing and have a wireless keyboard on a nice empty desk, aesthetics, etc, I’d want it centered up which means no keypad anyway.


My faculty advisor loves these mini keyboards.  But I think he has a large enough supply of them to not mind it going out of stores.

As for me, I can’t stand those miniature ones, because I use the numpad constantly (writing phone numbers, credit card numbers, or even just writing 3 digits for a number in a program I write, it’s faster to move my mouse hand to the numpad).

I don’t care wired vs wireless, but I have no reason to need wireless, so I tend to go wired to avoid battery and reception issues.

I have never liked an Apple mouse.  The mighty mouse (the one with the scroll ball) was nice for a few months, until the ball gunked up and became unusable.  It also doesn’t work well for games, because it occasionally registers a right click when I want a left click or visa-versa, which can do Bad Things in an intense action game.  So I always buy a Logitech mouse. (My optical one lasted from 1999 to 2010, I bought a laser one finally this year.)

Lee Dronick


I like the new Apple Mouse and use it, but it takes a lighter touch than most mice that I have used. The one with the miniball was good until as you mentioned it gunked up. That hockey puck design was horrid.

Yes, entering a number of numbers calls for a numeric keypad.


Now give us a wireless keyboard that has a numberpad.

Yes! Sounds like we all want one. I love the flat keyboard and could never go back to another brand with standard keys. And I need a number keypad and I’d prefer wireless. I do a lot of work on a Wacom tablet, so that and my keyboard are always getting shuffled around on my desk. Losing the cord would be awesome.


I have to be blunt about this Apple keyboard situation ... what the fcuk are they thinking not offering a full function wireless keyboard? Why when I buy a desktop computer is my only wireless choice a notebook size keyboard? I hope this madness doesn’t persist like the single mouse-button stubbornness that went 15 years tooooo long.

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