Apple: No Surprise Upgrades for Defective 1st Gen iPod nanos

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Apple alerted customers over the weekend that some first generation iPod nanos include batteries that could overheat, and that it will replace those iPods for free. The replacement units will also be first generation nanos — a fact that Apple didn’t initially share, leading to speculation that customers may get newer models as replacements.

iPod nano replacement programSome first gen iPod nanos have defective batteries

Apple warned customers via email that: In very rare cases, the battery in the iPod nano (1st generation) may overheat and pose a safety risk. Affected iPod nanos were sold between September 2005 and December 2006.

The company also said that the risk of overheating increases with age, and since the models included in the replacement program are already more than five years old, that likelihood is ramping up for at least some owners.

Apple isn’t saying how many iPod nanos it expects to replace, although there are plenty of reports coming in from users saying they have one that’s eligible for replacement. Two iPod nanos The Mac Observer checked — purchased several months apart — both qualified for replacement.

Apple’s website includes a page where first generation nano owners can see if their unit is eligible for replacement. The replacement process, however, isn’t quick because Apple is saying turn around from sending defective units in to replacement delivery is about six weeks.


Phil Kauffman

Does anybody proof read anymore????
What is the second word in this article? “altered “
S/B “alerted”
macobserver, hire people who can write!


Does anybody proof read anymore????
What is the second word in this article? ?altered ?
S/B ?alerted?
macobserver, hire people who can write!

Some pople have nothing better to do than complain..


“S/B ?alerted?
macobserver, hire people who can write!”

How much do you pay for your subscription to TMO?

Instead of being snippy, try dropping a note to the author about any errors and you might find that kindness is rewarded in kind.

Someone who doesn't care but Phil is an idiot

I am sorry I don’t usually say anything but I have too in this scenario. You have nothing to do with your time then proof read articles. Why not do something more with your life. For instance go proof read Wikipedia that would be definitely more worth your time. Thanks again.

This Guy

Hey, Someone who doesn’t care, it’s “to” not “too”.

Also, your text is missing many commas and at least one question mark. Too many for me to point out specifics. Please fix that. Thanks!

Phil speaks the truth

Absolutely right, Phil.

Someone who sets themselves up as a journalist has a responsibility to look after the language.


Why do I get the feeling that I’m lost in the forest and surrounded by trolls ?


because you are.

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