Apple Not Involved So Far in ‘Do Not Track’ Button For Browsers

Major browser makers will be adding “Do Not Track” buttons to their software this year, except Apple, which is “not engaged” in the endeavor right now, Stuart Ingis, Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) counsel, told Mashable. Mr. Ingis noted that the DAA “is holding the door open” for Apple’s later involvement.

Apple is not part of the DAA, and it did not give Mashable a comment on the matter. DAA members have begun working on the Do Not Track button in response to the Obama administration’s issuance of a Consumer Bill of Rights for online data tracking.

DAA member Google will add the button to Chrome. Susan Wojcicki, Google’s Senior Vice-President of Advertising, said in a statement: “We’re pleased to join a broad industry agreement to respect the ‘do-not-track’ header in a consistent and meaningful way that offers users choice and clearly explained browser controls.”

Mr. Ingus said the Do Not Track button will force Google and other companies to refrain from displaying ads based on web browsing behavior when the user activates it. However, such data will still be available for market research and product creation, as well as for law enforcement when crimes are being investigated.