Apple Offers $100 Refund for Recent iPad Purchases

Apple is doing a little something to offset the sting for customers that bought iPads in the two weeks leading up to the iPad 2 announcement on Wednesday by offering them a US$100 refund. The refund matches the price drop for the first generation iPad that followed the iPad 2 announcement.

iPads on sale

The second generation iPad is priced the same as the first gen model was, which prompted Apple to lower the original’s price while the remaining inventory is cleared out.

Apple introduced the second generation iPad at a media event in San Francisco on March 2. The new model is thinner than the original, includes an A5 dual core processor and more powerful graphics, GSM and CDMA wireless data network support, front and rear-facing cameras, and black or white bezels.

Customers will need to show their receipt to take advantage of the refund offer, and Apple Store employees say the process is easy and quick.

[Thanks to Electric Pig for the heads up.]