Apple Offers 4G Clarification in Australia, iPad Refunds

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Apple has responded to a complaint from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission that iPad feature claims are misleading by agreeing to add in-store signage that says the tablet’s 4G wireless data option isn’t available in the country. The company also said it will offer refunds to customers that felt they were misled by the “iPad with WiFi + 4G” product name.

Along with the new signs and refund offer, Apple also agreed to email Australian customers who purchased the third generation iPad to clarify the wireless data limitations.

Apple: iPad supports 4G, but not in AustraliaApple: iPad supports 4G, but not in Australia

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Apple voluntarily agreed to the new signage and refunds after the ACCC scheduled a court hearing to attempt to force the company into the changes.

The consumer rights agency targeted Apple over the claim that the third generation iPad supports 4G LTE data networks — a feature the iPad offers, but only in the United States and Canada. Australia’s Telstra cell network does offer 4G, but not a version that’s compatible with the iPad.

Apple’s new signs will be in stores by April 5, and will state “This product supports very fast cellular networks. It is not compatible with current Australian 4G LTE networks or WiMax networks.”

Apple still faces a trial on May 2 to determine whether or not it has violated any Australian laws by advertising the iPad’s 4G feature.

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Apple really did drop the ball on this.
I was going to go with references to canines & fornication but children might read this.

Maybe they (Apple) should just have gone with the moniker: “iPad 3rd Gen”
And left out the reference to LTE/4G etc, except for country specific capabilities in country of sale.

Lee Dronick

As iVoid said in the comments for the similar story about Sweden

Um?. 4g is not part of the name. it?s just ?iPad?.

Now you can buy a configuration with 4G, but it?s not part of the name.



Unless my memory is failing (which is entirely possible) Tim Cook et al all touted the 4G capability for all it’s worth when the latest iPad was announced, which was then picked up by the Press. That press coverage & Apple’s lack of disclaimers (in big letters) at the point of sale is why Apple is in such deep doo doo now.

Lee Dronick

Good point Furbies, but…


Good point Furbies, but?

But, but, but….

What ?

Apple should have seen this coming and shaped it’s announcement(s) & advertising/advertisements to avoid this problem.


Just check out this iPad page on Apple’s Australian site:

Lee Dronick

I still say that the onus is on the buyer to know if the service is offered in their area. Suppose someone lived in an area without cell phone coverage and bought an iPhone then complained that they couldn’t make a call.

Anyway the tempest in a tea pot is over.


the onus is on the buyer to know


I’m not disagreeing with you, but we must remember most people are not us (technically literate) and therefore it’s up to the sellers to “dumb down” their advertising etc so the sheep on the street can understand it.

Of course there will always be sheep who won’t read the disclaimer(s) or who are too proud to ask (lest it make them look even more sheepish) but no one can help those folks who insist on swimming in the shallower end of the gene pool…..

Lee Dronick

I?m not disagreeing with you, but we must remember most people are not us (technically literate) and therefore it?s up to the sellers to ?dumb down? their advertising etc so the sheep on the street can understand it.

True that.


How silly is that: if I buy a Ferrari that can do 180 mph, should I sue Ferrari? or just say: “Sorry officer, Ferrari told me I could do 180 but I did’t know that was illegal…”

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