Apple Offers Contract-Free (Full Price) iPhone 3G & 3GS in U.S.

Apple has begun offering full price iPhone 3G and 3GS units without an AT&T contract at its US Apple Store locations, and without customers having to show ID. Gizmodo reported that Apple sent an internal memo to employees announcing the change on Monday.

The phones are still locked, however, which means they will still work only on AT&T’s network. Apple used to require an AT&T contract for its phones, even for the ones being purchased without a contract subsidy.

The FAQ included in the memo specifically states, “Q: Do you have to be an AT&T customer to purchase an iPhone at full price? A: No. Any customer can purchase one device only full price iPhone.”

Apple offers its 8GB iPhone 3G for US$499, the 16GB iPhone 3GS for $599, and the 32GB iPhone 3GS for $699. Customers are limited to one such purchase per day.