Apple Offers iOS Security Guide to IT Pros

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Apple has posted a security guide for iOS aimed at IT professionals. Titled simply iOS Security, the guide was posted to Apple’s Developer Connection and is largely a compilation of materials previously made available and repackaged for IT folks.

Diagram from iOS Security Guide

A Diagram from Apple’s iOS Security Guide
Source: Apple

In the document, which is available for direct download, Apple explains things such as:

iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch are designed with layers of security. Low-level hardware and firmware features protect against malware and viruses, while high-level OS features allow secure access to personal information and corporate data, prevent unauthorized use, and help thwart attacks.

The iOS security model protects information while still enabling mobile use, third-party apps, and syncing. Much of the system is based on industry-standard secure design principles—and in many cases, Apple has done additional design work to enhance security without compromising usability.

There are also sections on system architecture, and detailed instructions on how app code signing works. Other sections include encryption, runtime process security, file data security, hardware security, and more.

Diagram from iOS Security Guide

Security architecture diagram of iOS provides a visual overview of the different technologies discussed in this document.
Source: Apple

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