Apple Offers Up to $200 on iPhone 4 Trade-Ins

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Apple is now offering up to US$200 to customers who want to “Reuse and Recycle” their old iPhone 4 models. Users can find the iPhone 4 listed among the various products that Apple will allow you to turn in, some of which can earn an Apple gift certificate in return. Apple still allows customers to bring in old devices for free recycling at its Apple Stores, as well.

First, pick the product you wish to turn in. In the figure below, we picked a 32GB black iPhone:


Choose your product

Apple will then ask questions specific to the product that you picked. If it’s a computer, it will ask about your display and the case, for instance, but in the case of our theoretical iPhone 4, we’re asked about its working condition, whether or not the battery is charged, if it’s scuffed, and if we’re turning in the charging chord. The figure below shows the questions we were asked:


Answer thee these questions three…(or seven, as the case may be)

When you submit the form, you’re given a quote. The service is being operated by a third party company called PowerON, which is ultimately responsible for assessing the product you send in through the program. In the figure below, you’ll see our test results and the offer of a $200 gift certificate:



If your case is cracked, we were told our product had no cash value. A 16GB black iPhone in the same condition was valued at $180.

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Dave Hamilton

A few things to add here

#1: Based on my testing, the exclusion of the power cord didn’t alter the price at all (keep your power adapter!)

#2: was higher (by $1) for this device.

#3: was the highest of the three at $215.00.

Based on my tests with a 32GB iPhone 3GS, Apple was again the cheapest at $100, Gazelle next at $148, and Nextworth at the top with $165.

Julia Vaysman

David is correct with his comment. is higher then Gazelle and Apple.

I recently traded in my phone at, got $225 for my iPhone 4 32GB (they didnt even ask about scratches, just if it had cracks). Shipping was free and they gave $3 to buy a box. Already got my paypal payment.


You people are idiots these devices still sell on ebay for ?400 which i believe is $630 and people are taking 200 you are being ripped right of even faulty you should get half of this. Ill tell u what ill give u 250$ and pay international postage

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