Apple Opens iTunes Match Settings to Non-developers

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Apple quietly added its iTunes Match service settings to iOS 5 on Thursday, giving non-developers a chance to start setting up their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to take advantage of the feature. Although users can activate iTunes Match, subscriptions to the service aren’t yet available to the public.

iOS 5 users can access the iTunes Match settings by tapping Settings > Music.

iTunes Match settingsiTunes Match settings are available now in iOS 5

iTunes Match is part of Apple’s iCloud service, and it allows users to match music in their local library not purchased from iTunes to Apple’s own servers, and then access that content from any device with their iTunes credentials. The service costs US$24.99 a year.

Apple opened the iTunes Match beta to developers in August as part of the iOS 5 and iCloud beta test phase. Apple didn’t, however, launch iTunes Match on October 12 when it released iOS 5 to the public.

With the iTunes Match settings option appearing in iOS 5 now, however, it’s likely that an official public launch is coming soon.

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i see it on my iphone settings too, so how do i use it?


so how do i use it?

Well, once set up just wait for it to scan your library then you should be able to listen to almost anything you have stored on your home computer when on the road and connected.


Thanks, Jeff.

I did this earlier, and re-did it just now, but still get a message that I have to subscribe first through iTunes on my Mac, for which I do not yet see an option. Perhaps I’ve missed it.

In any case, as you say, it is not yet open to the public, so perhaps the absence of an iTunes portal at the moment simply reinforces that.

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