Apple Outlines GSM and CDMA iPhone 4 Differences

iPhone users switching from AT&T to Verizon have more to contend with that simply buying a new phone and contract. There are differences in features, too, and Apple has a Knowledge Base article detailing what’s changed between the AT&T-compatible GSM iPhone and the CDAM-compatible Verizon model.

Not all cell networks are created equal

According to Apple’s KB article, some settings AT&T iPhone owners access via the settings menu, such as call forwarding and call waiting, require keypad codes instead on the Verizon network. AT&T’s network supports conference calls with up to five people, where Verizon’s supports only two.

While both networks support dialing soft pauses, only Verizon’s network supports hard pauses. Verizon’s network doesn’t, however, support placing calls on hold.

Apple has an easy to read chart in its KB article detailing the differences between the networks, too.

[Thanks to 9 to 5 Mac for the heads up.]