Apple Patents Gloves For Touchscreen Use

| iObserver

Apple was recently awarded a patent for gloves that can be used with the capacitive touchscreens found in the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPod nano. Because those screens react to the change in electrical current created by skin touching them, gloves can get in the way.

Apple’s solution has two layers, an outer protective one and an inner conductive one. The wearer pulls the outer layer back to allow the inner one to peek through a small hole, enabling touchscreen use. Of course, as Cult of Mac notes, gloves that work with capacitive touchscreens already exist.

A detail from Apple’s patent filing, showing how the inner layer peeks through.

Patently Apple has more details about the patent.

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Silly. Stick with what Rocks, Apple.


First, I almost read this article on my phones while wearing gloves (AGloves).

Second, this begs the question about using the iPhone in cold weather. Apple says the iPhone shouldn’t be used below 32F, but above that, gloves are hardly needed. So is Apple going to create a cold weather iPhone?

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