Apple Patents Social Network Workflow for iPhone

Apple looks to be working at making sharing information from your iPhone easier thanks to a recently published patent that describes a social networking application and electronic workflow system. The patent could mean Apple is planning on adding system-level support to the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad for interacting with social network sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Along with sharing information with social networking services, Apple’s patent includes a system for quickly exchanging data with other people. For example, a user could share their contacts, calendars, task lists, photos and more from their iPhone to someone else’s iPhone, iPod touch and presumably an iPad.

The patent also includes an automated system for exchanging information between devices. As an example, an employer could transmit a task list to an employee, which in turn initiates the transfer of a work report back to the employer.

Apple is also envisioning the system finding its way into schools as a tool for submitting homework and receiving assignments.

While a patent doesn’t necessarily mean Apple is planning on adding these features to its mobile devices, it does offer some insight into ideas the company is at least considering.

[Thanks to Patently Apple for the heads up.]