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We got a note from Kray Mitchell pointing us to several pieces of Apple-branded items he just put up on Ebay. As there were a couple of fairly rare items—including an unopened deck of Apple playing cards, an iMovie director’s chair, and a watch that we haven’t seen before—we thought we’d mention it.

Mac OS 7 Apple Playing Cards

Mac OS 7 Apple Playing Cards

The Mac Observer asked Mr. Mitchell how he accumulated the gear, and he told us that he, “started collecting Apple stuff back in 1999 when I got into Apple products thanks to a graphic design course. There was just something about the look of them, and the creative advertising that caught me.”

Apple-Branded Watch

Apple-Branded Watch

Accordingly, he started collecting Apple-branded things from garage sales and through people that knew he was an Apple nut. When he started working for a third party Apple reseller, he got access to even more, including some of the banners and posters listed.

The director’s chair, which you see below, was a promotional training award for a contest after Apple released iMovie. As part of the training for the new software, participants had to make a movie in iMovie, and Mr. Mitchell and his training partner took third place and he was awarded the director’s chair.

Apple Director's Chair

Apple Director’s Chair from Learn & Earn reseller training program

The playing cards we mentioned are from the same line Mac OS 7 playing cards that we mentioned back in February. Those cards were open and ended up selling for £539, which is US$875 today, for those keeping score at home. Mr. Mitchell’s deck is closed and sealed, as you can see in the image above, but the image below is from the open deck that sold in February.

Mac OS 7 Apple Playing Cards

A photo from the open deck of Mac OS 7 playing cards that sold in February for £539

Here’s a full list of things Mr. Mitchell is selling. Also, note that the



I’ve still got a few Apple branded Floppy Disk labels, and a couple of the old coloured Apple Logo stickers too.

Lee Dronick

I?ve still got a few Apple branded Floppy Disk labels, and a couple of the old coloured Apple Logo stickers too.

An Apple watch still in the original box, and never worn. The battery has probably leaked and trashed the movement.

Two Apple promotional posters.

Apple baseball cap in very good condition and a visor in well worn condition.

A big multicolor appliqu? about 8” across, and quite a few stickers.

I used to work for Beagle Bros and we got a lot of Apple swag.

We had quite a few of those decks of cards, all sealed as well.  I wish we’d hung on to them.

We’ve still got a TON of rare Apple stuff.  We’ve been collecting Apple logo items since 2001.  Several of the same things that Mr. Mitchell has listed here.

I better get them ready…


I have a very rare Year of Thinking Different book. Tried to sell it on eBay, got no bids.

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