Apple Posts Black Friday Deals

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Apple posted its special Black Friday deals late on Thursday, ahead of the post Thanksgiving buying rush. The company is offering discounts on Macs, iPods, the iPad and accessories.

The iMac, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are discounted US$101, the iPad is available for $41 off, the iPod nano has been reduced by $11, and the iPod touch is available with a $21 discount. The Airport Extreme and AirPort Express Base Stations are $11 off, the 1TB Time Capsule is discounted $21 and the 2TB model is available for $51 off.

Apple’s Black Friday deals

Apple is also offering discounts on accessories such as the iPad Case and Camera Connection Kit, the iPad Dock and iPad Keyboard Dock, the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad, In-Ear Headphones, and Apple Wireless Keyboard.

According to Apple’s Web site, other accessories will be on sale for Black Friday as well. If you’re planning on taking advantage of any of Apple’s discounts, hop to it because the sale runs for one day only.



Apple has the most pathetic sales. And they only have it once a year.


True, their sales are pathetic as hell. But, anyone know what the “deals” might be on a Macbook pro 15 in?


Apple sucks altogether. they are greedy.


@Thetruth: Name a publicly-traded, for profit company that isn’t?


Apple sucks altogether. they are greedy.

Of course, customers are never greedy, are they?


I was really hoping that the biggest Black Friday announcement would have been the MacAppStore going live.


Ok I came on here cus I was curious what the black Friday specials for apple were since I never went inside the store or online and most of you people are the “greedy” once. Yeah apples sales aren’t that great but they are there and you know the products are worth it so if you don’t like the prices go somewhere else.


I used to sell IT solutions in bulk, including mac servers, computers etc.  Even the channel managers that work for apples are rude and arrogant people.  Its like they are trained to be that way.  So, yes they are great products and they are in a great position to make a buck.  But they dont have to be jerks about everything.  I just got an i7 beast at full price.  Whatevs, they just have a snobby sales model which can get under your skin.  Great products, though.

other side

So, yes they are great products and they are in a great position to make a buck.  But they dont have to be jerks about everything

So instead of “How can I help you?” is it “Why are you bothering us?”?

Arrogance of success has been the undoing of many companies.

Again, why has 2010 felt so much like 1990?


Well, I for one was very happy to get a few euro off a Magic TrackPad and to have it delivered free.

Thank you, Apple.

(Pity there was nothing off the AppleTV, but you can’t expect everything, can you?)

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