Apple Posts New Dine, Nature, & Pass iPhone Ads

Apple has launched three new iPhone commercials called "Dine," "Nature," and "Pass." The ads are built around the phrase, "The iPhone has all kinds of apps," and are intended to showcase the breadth and depth of the iPhone app market. They close with the tag, "Yep, there are 75,000 apps for just about...anything. Only on the iPhone"

In each, a series of contrasting apps are listed to a happy, up-tempo tune. In "Nature," for instance, we are told, "There are apps for budgeting your money. There are apps for investing your money. Apps to learn a new chord, and apps to learn a new language. There are apps for nature loves, pizza lovers, and thousands of others."

The ads are being hosted on Apple's iPhone site, and the direct links above will take you to each for as long as Apple hosts them.

Nature Ad
From Apple's "Nature" ad