Apple Posts Top iPad Apps on App Store

Apple has already posted the top paid, free, and grossing iPad apps on the App Store, even though the device itself won’t be available until tomorrow (Saturday, April 3rd). Users, however, are already downloading apps in preparation of getting their devices, and it’s Apple’s own iPad apps that are so far dominating the downloads.

Apple’s own iWorks apps for the iPad are currently the top paid, as well as the top grossing iPad apps. At US$9.99 each, it’s easy to understand how they can dominate the later category, but it is interesting to see non-game titles dominating the the paid and top-grossing apps.

You have to get down to #8 in the top paid apps to find a game, and #6 in the top grossing category. In comparison, gaming titles rank much higher, but this is something that could change for the iPad once users’ buying habits are shaped by actually using the device.

The top free apps are currently dominated by information and entertainment apps, including Apple’s own free iBooks app for buying ebooks, as well as newspapers, TV, and radio apps.

In the charts below, we added affiliate links to each of the apps for your clicking ease.

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