Apple Prepping for Edinburgh Store

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Apple is working on its third store in Scotland, this time in the capitol city of Edinburgh. The store will be on Princes Street, which is also the city’s main retail corridor, according to The Journal.

Shoppers fill an Apple Store

The new store will be good news for locals shopping for Apple products, and for customers looking for warranty help. Currently, customers have to travel to Glasgow for help with their Macs, iPhones and iPods.

The city is glad to have Apple moving in, too, because the store is expected to help entice more shoppers into the retail area. “Having brands like Apple in Edinburgh draws people to the city,” commented Edinburgh economic development leader Tom Buchanan.

The exact location of Apple’s Places Street store hasn’t been revealed yet, nor has its projected opening date.

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Lee Dronick

“The exact location of Apple?s Places Street store hasn?t been revealed yet”

Take the high road smile


Capital I think Jeff, the Capitol is something quite different.

And it’s Apple’s Princes Street store, not sure where Places Street is, long night?



Take the high road

And Micro$oft will take the low road.


A Genius in a kilt?  Scary!

Lee Dronick

A Genius in a kilt?? Scary!

Depends on the gender of the Genius, they are not all lads smile

“And over here on the wall display we have a nice collection tartan plaid cases or you could just carry the iPhone in your sporran.”


Woo hoo, now only 60 miles to my nearest Apple Store.

This coincidentally comes after being told that my Mac Pro does not have a user replaceable optical drive (even though the manual shows you how), and I’ll have to cart the whole fucking thing all the way from Tayside to Strathclyde (and now Lothian), to get a ?15 value DVD burner swapped under warranty.

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