Apple Prepping for iTunes Cloud Service Launch

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Apple is apparently gearing up to launch a cloud-based service for iTunes that supports content streaming and wireless syncing. The rumor that the service is on the way comes care of an unnamed source that Boy Genius Report claims is reliable.

Apparently the iTunes cloud service will include support streaming music and movies from Apple’s servers to computers, the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, and will support streaming content from your computer out to other devices. It will also include support for wirelessly syncing devices with iTunes.

The rumor also claims customers will be able to stream the content they buy from the Apple Store instead of storing it locally to save hard drive space.

Wireless syncing from an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad will work with little user interaction. Apps, contacts, calendars and notes will all support wireless syncing, and apparently Apple will be releasing “two new devices with camera/camcorder capabilities” this fall that make the syncing features even more compelling.

As always, Apple isn’t commenting on rumors and unannounced products, so the Cupertino-based company isn’t offering any information to support or shoot down this rumor.

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And I thought Steve did not like this.  Now that he can make money on it, he loves it.

Lee Dronick

Now that he can make money on it

Well that remains to be seen. However, this did not come from an Apple press release though it is no secret that they have plowed a big server farm in North Carolina. What I am thinking could happen is that you will be able to listen to, or view, your iTunes content via the cloud in a back-to-my-Mac manner.

Time will tell and then the end be known.

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