Apple Prepping iPad Wi-Fi Update

Apple is working to address Wi-Fi performance issues some iPad owners are experiencing, and will be releasing a firmware update at some point to fix the problems. The company didn’t, however, say how long iPad owners will have to wait for the update.

iPad owners that are experiencing Wi-Fi issues have been seeing weak signals when they shouldn’t, unreliable network connections, and in some cases failing to see Wi-Fi networks.

In the knowledge base article where Apple confirms a firmware update is on the way, the company offered a few suggestions for users that are experiencing Wi-Fi connection problems, such as making sure your Wi-Fi router’s firmware is up to date, using WPA or WPA2 security instead of WEP, renewing IP addresses in the iPad’s Wi-Fi settings, and even adjusting the iPad’s display brightness.

Like iPhone and iPod touch updates, the iPad Wi-Fi update will be available via the iTunes application after Apple releases it.