Apple Preps iPhone for China’s Wi-Fi Requirements

Apple has apparently built a version of the iPhone that complies with China’s wireless regulations. The special version of Apple’s combination iPod and smartphone supports China’s proprietary security protocol for wireless networks and could mean that Apple is preparing to see Wi-Fi enabled iPhones in the country, according to PC World.

Wi-Fi capable iPhones have been blocked in China because of government regulations that require smartphones to support the country’s WAPI protocol — a protocol that ins’t included in the iPhone. With WAPI support added to the Chinese version, Apple can begin selling Wi-Fi enabled versions of the iPhone in the country.

Government documents indicate that China approved the radio frequency ranges for an iPhone model that also includes Wi-Fi support. With the addition of Wi-Fi, the model appears to match iPhones that are currently available through China Unicom.

Assuming Apple actually has build a WAPI-compliant iPhone, that should make it easier for China Unicom to compete with grey market sellers that have been importing iPhones with Wi-Fi enabled from other countries.