Apple ProKit Update 7.0 Addresses Six Issues

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Apple released ProKit Update 7.0 Wednesday. The update addresses six different issues, and is intended for users of Final Cut Pro, Motion, Soundtrack Pro, DVD Studio Pro, iPhoto, Aperture, Final Cut Express, Logic Pro, MainStage, Logic Express and iAd Producer.

Apple’s patch notes:

  • Improved support for PopOver style tooltips.
  • Improved support for Font Smoothing.
  • Addresses an issue with an unwanted gap between a menu and submenu.
  • Fixes leaks and improves stability for the color picker and timecode interface in Final Cut Pro and Motion.
  • Improved compatibility when importing assets from older versions of Soundtrack Pro.
  • Fixes an issue with the scrubber appearance in Logic Express and Logic Pro.
  • Addresses AppKit related crashes in Motion.

You can download the patch through Software Update as a 16.2MB file. You can also find a standalone installer on the update’s webpage at Apple’s support site as a 15.7MB download.

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John Dingler, artist

I have not heard what OS and which version Apple is using in its new data centers. Is it Mac? It would be curious if it uses Linux. Someone needs to do some sleuthing and write that article.

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