Apple Pulls GameStore from App Store

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Apple’s GameStore app didn’t last long on the company’s App Store. The app quietly disappeared Monday afternoon without any explanation about its intended use or way it was being removed.

GameStore: Gone, but not forgottenGameStore: Gone, but not forgotten

GameStore included the slim description “”This application allows you to buy different things from within the app, and even included spelling errors such as “proucts” instead of “products.”

While the app looked to be a tool for finding and buying iOS games, or at least updates and add-ons for games, it seems likely it was actually just an internal testing app that wasn’t intended for the public.

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John Molloy

“it seems likely it was actually just an internal testing app that wasn?t intended for the public.”

No, sorry Geoff, this was an app designed to steal money from users relying on lax testing over the christmas period to sell itself to customers as an official app from Apple. The testing should be more rigorous because this suggests some issue with the security of the App Store over busy periods.

John Molloy

Mea Culpa. I meant Jeff and not Geoff. For some reason too late to edit original post.

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