Apple Pulls ‘Genius’ TV Spots

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Apple has pulled its brand new “Genius” ads from TV, after a very short run during the first half of the Olympics. The ads received a largely mixed reactions and featured a young “Genius” from an Apple Store Genius Bar who gets thrust into helping people in real-life situations.

Genius Ad Screen

An Apple Genius Helping a Guy Make a Movie on a Plane

Apple hasn’t commented on pulling the ads, but a spokesperson for TBWA/Media/Arts Lab, Apple’s ad agency, told Mashable that the ads were intended only for a “first run” during the Olympics, and that this really meant just the first weekend.

Some are calling shenanigans on the statement, and it should be noted that this would be the first one-weekend-only ad campaign that Apple has run. At the same time, it’s possible that the agency is telling the truth, but referring only to the specific commercials that kicked off the campaign, which will otherwise continue on with additional spots.

Still other Interwebs commenters have speculated that Apple pulled the ads because they were disliked. It’s true that many people disliked the ads, especially in the tech blogosphere echo chamber, though our own readers skewed towards liking the ads.

The reality is that these ads aren’t aimed at those of us who inhabit said echo chamber, and we find it unlikely that Apple is basing its ad campaigns based on the number of YouTube likes and snotty comments on tech sites.

Still, you never know. What we do know is that the ads are gone from the Olympic airwaves.

Apple “Genius” TV Spot

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Here’s hoping they continue the ad campaign, with new commercials focusing on different tasks that the Mac can accomplish easily. Agreed with what others have said: It was nice to see commercials for the Mac again, since the demise of the “I’m a Mac” campaign.



There should be three posters in Apple’s board room, captioned “Let We Forget”: The Macintosh TV, the Powerbook 5300, and this.


There should be three posters in Apple?s board room, captioned ?Let We Forget?: The Macintosh TV, the Powerbook 5300, and this.

I happen to like my Mac TV… one my favorites! smile

There’s plenty of better things to continue forgetting… Apple ///, LIsa, Lemmings, Jeff Goldblum voiceovers, Taligent, Pink, CHRP, Pippin, Gil Amelio, etc…


Well they were awful ads. I heard from people I know work at my local Apple store that the ads did not go over well with employees


Whoa there, Pardner!  Back off on bashing the Apple///  Those things rocked and ran my business for a good long time.


Strange they pulled them so quickly.

A few days ago I posted that I didn’t like the ads and thought they couldn’t be pulled quickly enough.

Still I thought they would go on forever even despite some negative tweeting and blogging, but I guess I am wrong yet again.

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